Copper Rescue

Copper Rescue is a natural germ defense system that was developed to support the body’s immune system and help boost one’s wellness. 

Copper Rescue - The Best Affordable Antimicrobial Product

The antimicrobial copper multitool is ideal for keeping germs away. Its high-quality metal is made up of 99% copper. It is also a safe choice for opening doors, bottles, and even ATM keypads. A perfect tool for your pocket or purse, the copper multitool kills bacteria on contact.

Antimicrobial products such as a copper multitool is useful for everyday tasks and it also has multiple applications. Its properties make it perfect for a variety of applications. In addition to being incredibly durable, it is also an excellent choice for outdoor work where soap and water are inaccessible. A multitool made of copper is a good choice for camping or hiking. Not only does it look great, but it also kills bacteria. And because of its multiple uses, the Copper Rescue is an ideal tool for antimicrobial wellness.

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