Copper Rescue

Copper Rescue is a natural germ defense system that was developed to support the body’s immune system and help boost one’s wellness. 

Antimicrobial Copper Tool For Cold Sores

An antimicrobial copper tool can help you get rid of your cold sores naturally. Copper works to protect your body from bacteria and viruses and zaps them at the source. It is a great alternative to homeopathic alternatives. The copper is incredibly gentle, and you can use it on your hands or on the sores.

The antimicrobial properties of copper are proven to kill bacteria and viruses on contact. It also kills cold sore germs. By using an antimicrobial copper tool, you will have an all-in-one solution for your health. Copper can be used for cold sore treatment. Those who suffer from cold sores should consider using it to prevent the outbreak from recurring.

An antimicrobial copper tool can help you to keep your hands clean. A copper wand is made of antimicrobial copper that is activated by a special wand. This is an excellent alternative to over-the-counter medicines. It is non-toxic and effective for eliminating cold sores and other common skin conditions. 

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